Friday, June 28, 2013


By Bujai

When Yang di-Pertuan Agong advised the opposition to accept the result of the 13th general election, BN was accused of interfering in Istana Negara affairs by preparing His Majesty's text speech.

Although former deputy Dewan Rakyat Speaker Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar rebutted the allegation, the opposition still make believe BN government had hands in it.

In many other cases, the opposition will ask those they accused of 'cheat and graft' to resign. Do they have the gut to tell His Majesty to leave his throne?

- Pakatan accuses Barisan Nasional cheated in the 13th general election and for that very reason, Najib Tun Razak's Cabinet must resign en mass and hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim & Gang.

- They are still applying pressure for the entire board of the Election Commission to resign for 'helping' BN's victory, and that the indelible ink used on voters was not genuine. Pakatan also cried foul on the existent of too many 'phantom voters' on BN side.

And yesterday, they demanded for IGP Khalid Abu Bakar resignation when a court ruled in favor of the late M Kugan's family.

'Resign and resign' has been Pakatan Rakyat's infamous political spear over the last five years. They managed to unseat Shahrizat Jalil over the NFL issue but failed in other attempts on a few BN politicians.

What is the gain if all this people resign and what would be Pakatan's victory?

Should Najib resigns, who will become PM? Of course Anwar who refused to resign from politics if Pakatan fails to wrest Putrajaya has he already promised last year. Did Najib ever tell him to fulfill that promise?

Who else should resign on Pakatan's list?

They once accused the government and the AGC of interfering in the judiciary but Kugan's case is a strong testimonial that the judiciary is always free in making decision, and that the government has got no say in it.

Imagine what would happen had the court ruled in favor of the police force!

Justice has been served to the late Kugan and his family. Of course PM Najib and Home Minister Zahid Hamidi are feeling the heat of the verdict yesterday but Khalid's resignation should NOT be made an issue.

What's important here is to boost the morale of 'an already tainted' police image and the public confidence in the force by doing what is necessary and should be done a long time ago - including installing CCTV in all police lock-ups, cells and prisons to monitor all 'happenings' inside.

The opposition should be more than willing to sit down with the government, especially the Home Ministry in finding new formula to address such handicaps. Condemning Khalid and others will not solve any problem or halt recurrence of Kugan's case.

Let's not politicise and personalise the issue on emotion. Be wise, work together and produce the right remedy. Is it so difficult to do?

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