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KEMAMAN: The architect of the Scorpene submarine purchase made in France has disclosed details disproving Opposition’s fictitious claims through Suaram.
As such, Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said it was a major revelation that contradicted stories made up by certain groups such as Suaram, and parties hungry for a power grab in the country.
He said the 'tell-all' by Jasbir Singh Chahl - the architect of the submarine deal - to modernise the national defence system was timely.
 "The other side is busy putting up a show, so they are now collecting funds to hire lawyers for the case in France.
 "For me, they can continue to solicit funds to enrich the lawyers, and the people should be careful not to be cheated in this issue," he said.
Ahmad Shabery was commenting on Jasbir's disclosure on the issue in an English daily Saturday.
 He said the people should reject such lies and appreciate the clarification of the government made earlier.
 "The Scorpene issue has been explained in the Dewan Rakyat. When asked to swear, the prime minister was willing to do so. However, none of the accusing parties dared to swear on their allegations," he said.
According Ahmad Shabery, the submarine acquisition was a major contract for the country and the government would audit it to ensure no misappropriation took place.
 "The submarine is not an item we can buy from a shop. It was based on a contract before construction could begin. The equipment systems need to be built, according to specifications and designs," he said.
Earlier, the minister presented contributions to 261 imams and bilals from 49 mosques in the Kemaman parliamentary constituency here. - Bernama.


Source: Stop The Lies

Deep-six: In an exclusive tell-all with Haris Hussain, the architect of the Scorpene submarine purchase, Jasbir Singh Chahl, speaks for the first time about the controversial deal. Here, he torpedoes Suaram‘s allegation of massive kickbacks and blows the Altantuya ‘connection’ right out of the water.

Torpedoing the myth

IN 1984, an insurance agent from Baltimore, Maryland, published the fictitious story of a Russian submarine commander who tried to defect to the United States in his state-of-the-art Typhoon-class nuclear submarine.

The Hunt for Red October drew inspiration from a real-life account of the 1975 mutiny aboard the Russian destroyer Storozhevoy and became Tom Clancy’s first international bestseller with its tale of intrigue, skullduggery and deception.

Then US president Ronald Reagan called it “a great yarn”. Closer to home, the Scorpene saga has taken many twists and turns. In 2010, Malaysian human rights non-governmental organization Suaram lodged a complaint in the French courts, claiming that French naval firm DCNS had paid RM452 million as a bribe to Malaysian officials to obtain the contract.

The allegations of massive kickbacks and payoffs in the RM4.2 billion deal for the two Perdana Menteri-class diesel powered fast-attack boats have been topped only by the lurid accusations that Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu was murdered because she allegedly knew too much and wanted a ‘mere’ US$500,000 cut from the deal. Over the years, a fascinating conspiracy theory had been woven around this episode and gained traction, linking the submarine deal with Altantuya’s murder.

Hardly surprising since it had all the ingredients of a Hollywood techno-thriller — stories of alleged corruption, deceit, greed, sex and murder. In April, reports in the Spanish and French mainstream media questioned Suaram’s almost fanatical obsession with the case, with one even suggesting that the French legal system was being taken for a ride to serve a greater political end.

Last Friday, Suaram held a fundraising dinner in Petaling Jaya to raise money for its activities, in which fresh allegations were made into the case. After months of trying, the New Straits Times secured an exclusive interview with the central figure in the deal.

It certainly wasn’t a cakewalk — this man guards his privacy jealously and with a passion. As the architect of the Scorpene submarine deal, the last seven years have taken their toll on Jasbir Singh Chahl. Before this meeting, Chahl had steadfastly refused to make statements regarding this case, worried that he might be accused of perverting the course of justice.

Throughout, he had been in constant communication with the French authorities and investigators and has voluminous evidence to back his claim, despite assertions by the opposition to the contrary.
As he places the teacup on the fine china saucer in his home in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with a finesse that betrays his English education and upbringing, Chahl pauses for a moment and draws a deep breath.

“I am willing to swear on my holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, that I did not know this person, that she was never part of the team, had never met her, that she was never in France during the entire time we were there trying to close the deal and only knew about her when I read the papers in 2006 that they had found her body.”

One of the myths that has been “accepted” as gospel was that Altantuya had acted as a translator for Abdul Razak Baginda, who had helped Chahl broker the deal.

Negotiations began in 2000 and were concluded in 2002. If Altantuya was indeed Razak Baginda’s interpreter, she should have been present at all the meetings from 2000. And yet, in official French documents that were made available to the NST, the French police have stated categorically that Altantuya never entered France from 1999 to 2006, the year she died.

Incidentally, all these meetings were held in France with some in Malaysia. And they were all in English. “This is not what I am saying, you understand. This is what the French authorities, the French police and the French judicial inquiry are saying.”

According to Razak’s Baginda’s evidence in court, he only met Altantuya in late 2004. The Scorpene deal was concluded in 2002. Another fissure in the opposition’s argument seems to hinge on its so-called ‘understanding’ of Gallic pride and centres around the way DCNS conducts its business around the globe.

It assumes that just because DCNS is French, the negotiations would have to be in French when the fact is that the French defence industry does deals all over the world in English. Add to that, the French team was initially led by an Englishman, Martin Hill, who was himself, also fluent in French.

So, if indeed the team needed an interpreter, it didn’t have to look very far, and certainly not in Mongolia, of all places. In his deposition to the French authorities in 2010, former DCNS marketing manager for Malaysia and Singapore at the time, Fredric Faura, told investigators that there was no need for an interpreter since negotiations were in English and Malaysians were fluent in the language.

“You ask me why the blogs have gone around calling this girl Razak’s interpreter. You should direct that question to the blogs.”

Firing another shot across the bow, Chahl wonders why no one has stopped to question the credibility of the opposition that had readily admitted to doctoring a photograph to show Altantuya with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Razak Baginda, purportedly in a Paris restaurant.

“This whole affair was a personal matter between Razak Baginda and Altantuya. His dealings with her had nothing to do with the Scorpene deal. It’s unfortunate that it coincided with our timeline (the submarine deal). Razak Baginda was the only common denominator in this. He was the only link, and a tenuous one, at best.”

Who is Jasbir Singh Chahl?

JASBIR Singh Chahl cut his teeth in the defence and oil and gas industry at a very early age. He was twentysomething, in London, and working with a Middle Eastern defence and construction company putting together multi-billion dollar deals. The relationships he forged with defence contractors in Europe and the rest of the world put him in good stead when he came home in 1981.

From 1996 to 1998, Chahl worked with Thomson-CSF International (M) Sdn Bhd, the wholly owned Malaysian subsidiary of France’s Thomson-CSF (now Thales), on the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) project, the Crotale man-portable SHORAD (shortrange air defence) system, and other projects of interest to Thomson-CSF and its subsidiaries.

Chahl’s relationship with Thomson-CSF was further enhanced by his development of strategies and provision of inputs that led to the submission to the Malaysian Government of other defence-related projects. It was while working on these projects that he was told by Thales that it wished to focus on the sale of submarines to Malaysia.

This was something Thales had been pushing for more than a decade but had not been unable to make much progress. Thales felt that the timing for a concerted effort was now right — their various discourses with the RMN had led them to this conclusion.

They then requested him to analyse, evaluate and to develop a proposal to supply submarines to Malaysia, which culminated in the Scorpene purchase.

‘Everything was audited’

ONE of the major issues in the Scorpene submarine deal has to do with the word “commission”.
Specifically, the Euro115 million (RM452 million) that was paid to Perimekar Sdn Bhd, the company in charge of the logistics and the training of the officers and men of the Royal Malaysian Navy’s Submarine Force. And Jasbir Singh Chahl has a big problem with that.

“The amount is actually a service management fee,” says Chahl, exasperation and irritation creeping into his voice. That the detractors have managed to turn it into a simplistic argument and package it as an example of unfettered greed; that it had succeeded, to a certain extent, in painting a picture that the monies were paid to grease the palms of government officials and corporations, makes Chahl’s stomach turn.

For the record, Perimekar, which is an audited company, is owned by KS Ombak Laut Sdn Bhd, the pension fund of the Armed Forces, LTAT, and by the industrial company, Boustead. Both of them are also audited.

The fees covered project management and project integration services, coordinating the involvement of Malaysian companies in the industrial participation programme in the provision of services during the construction phase and to monitor the performance of these firms, helping the main contractor comply with all local laws and procedures relating to the execution of the contract, coordinating and monitoring the training of RMN personnel in compliance with the main contract and in accordance with Malaysian Government and RMN expectations, and providing monthly reports on all of the above.

The biggest chunk of the fees went to the provision of accommodation and all the necessary services for the training of RMN personnel and their families in Brest, France, and Spain, for a period of six years, inclusive of health insurance premiums and per diem allowances of a minimum of Euro50 per person. Other costs include their return travel fares to Malaysia three times a year. In all, 145 RMN personnel, including 49 officers and dependents were covered by this.

“We’ve been made out to look like profiteers who just sat back and collected when in actual fact, there was a lot of hard, tangible work, that was done,” Chahl says.

For the record, Perimekar’s profit after tax was RM105,111,191.

“The commercial offer was attractive because of the superior industrial participation programme that we put together. The countertrade and offset programme that we proposed as part of the overall proposal also swung the odds in our favour.

“Based on the strength and commercial superiority of the proposal, we didn’t have to lobby anyone to influence the commercial evaluation process.

There was no need to. “The Scorpene was the best nonnuclear powered-submarine that we, as a nation, could have selected.”

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Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek

Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek is not someone who will fuss over how many VIP tables are needed at industry events or who should be seated on the VIP tables. He is someone who is practical and wants to just get things going. That is the breath of fresh air the communications and multimedia industry needs as it races forward in a competitive environment. Here are some of his thoughts on issues relevant to the industry.
What is your priority since taking on as the minister of a very powerful industry, and what are your initial thoughts as to what should be the direction taken by the industry going forward?
Firstly, I am very honoured to be given the trust and responsibility by the Prime Minister to be the steward to helm this ministry. Secondly, in so far as your description of a powerful industry, I would like to say that though the industry may be large and influential, it is really the people that have the power with them. It is the people who can exercise their choice as a consumer and the industry will have to take heed of the choices made by their customers, if they want to stay ahead of their competition.
As to the direction to be taken, I think it is too soon for me to share this publicly but I can assure you that I am listening very intently to the information and feedback that I have received so far from those connected and involved in this industry. This is a very large and dynamic industry where there is a lot of competition and requires heavy investments. We need to be careful in policy formulation to ensure that we strike the right balance between consumer needs and industry needs while at the same time taking into account the government needs as well.
There is been a lot of talk about USP and the way the funds have been utilised, and doubts too as though the objective has not been achieved. How do you think this fund should be used to benefit the rakyat and nation?
I agree with you that I think there is too much talk about USP. I also notice that many people have opinions about the fund and yet do not seem to have read the rules and regulations governing the USP Fund and how it is to be used.
I believe, based on its existing design and on the existing laws, to date it has achieved the objectives that it set out to do. Our rural population is more connected now with the hundreds of telecom towers that have been built using the USP funds and many villages and communities have also benefited from the broadband access made available by the proper utilisation of the USP Fund. We can continue to improve on how we administer the USP Fund and the scope of it but I would be keen to hear views on what else can be done with the fund – what and how do you think it should be used for?
Social media is a new phenomenon in communication. What are your views on its development, implications and should its growth be curbed or regulated?
Social media is much often quoted but perhaps little understood. It is a new means or medium of allowing people to stay in touch and communicate. I believe that social media in itself is a neutral tool. There is nothing positive or negative about it. How it is used or abused that becomes the issue.
People must learn and understand that every country has its own sets of laws and socio-cultural values and norms and we, as Malaysians would do well to remember that. Whatever applies in the real world also applies in the social media or online world, there is no difference. I think all of us would also do well to remember that whilst we have freedom to express ourselves, freedom is not without boundaries.
Freedom must come with accountability and responsibility. This is not simply just from me but even the most developed nations with arguably the most open democracies have limits as to what their “freedom” allows them to do.
The regime on spectrum allocation to dissemination has been often questioned and it is perceived that the industry has too many players, too much infrastructure and allocated spectrum is being kept instead of rolling out services. Furthermore the industry’s eye is on how the 700Mhz spectrum will be allocated and would the allocation of the DTB be transparent and based on merit? What is your view on all that?
The regulator is handling that element of it and I will take advice from the regulator when the time comes for a decision. There is no need to speculate on whether there are too many players, too much infra and what people will or will not do with the assets or spectrum that they have. We have healthy competition in the industry and we have rules of engagement set by the regulator. The industry is also best advised to abide by those rules which they themselves subscribed to, otherwise, they may have to face the consequences of their inaction or non-compliance.
Let’s also not speculate on the 700Mhz, that will take a long while yet. I have been advised that the 700MHz spectrum cannot even be released until we complete the migration from analogue to digital and complete a full analogue switch-off. Given commitments we have with our neighbours in common border areas, the digital dividend arising from the analogue switch off will not be available until all sides are ready; that is estimated to be circa 2020.
As for digital TV, you probably already know that the MCMC has already spelt out a very detailed and structured beauty contest and tender process. I have been advised that the three shortlisted bidders have recently submitted their detailed business plan submissions in accordance to the timelines set out in the tender documents and that the MCMC is currently evaluating the same. The process is under way (as what has been committed to), so let them finish their job. If you see the details in the tender document, you will understand that the requirements are stringent and I am sure all the shortlisted bidders know that too. Let’s not speculate.

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Sempurnakan Lima Rukun Islam Anda
Sebagai salah satu rukun Islam, adalah menjadi kewajipan ke atas setiap Orang Islam yang mampu mengerjakan Haji, untuk menjadi tetamu Allah sekurang-kurangnya sekali dalam seumur hidup. Sebagai satu perhimpunan tahunan terbesar di dunia, Haji adalah simbolik kepada perpaduan umat Islam sebagai penyerahan kepada Tuhan. Ia adalah satu perjalanan yang indah untuk memohon keampunan, sebagai satu bentuk jihad paling mudah dan peluang untuk menebus dosa dan bermula semula dalam keadaan diri yang bersih lagi suci.

Dengan perjalanan yang penting ini, perancangan awal dan terbaik adalah perlu bagi memastikan anda telah bersedia secara mental, spiritual dan paling utama, kewangan. Mulakan perancangan sekarang untuk mencapai destinasi utama anda.
Lakukan Perbezaan ke Arah Perjalanan Spiritual Anda
Mabrur ialah pelan Takaful simpanan dan perlindungan komprehensif yang melengkapkan persediaan anda untuk menunaikan ibadah Haji dan Umrah. Etiqa menyediakan One Stop Centre untuk anda merancang perjalanan Haji dan Umrah yang lebih baik. Kami akan membantu proses pembukaan akaun Tabung Haji tanpa bayaran dan pendaftaran Haji anda setelah Bayaran Tunai tetap pertama dibayar.

Pelan ini disertakan Bayaran Tunai tetap yang dibayar pada akhir tahun ke-3 sijil dan setiap tahun yang berikutnya dengan Bayaran Tunai tetap sebanyak 10% akan dibayar pada akhir tahun ke-3 sijil. Bayaran Tunai tetap ini akan dikumpulkan di dalam akaun Tabung Haji sebagai simpanan untuk memenuhi keperluan spiritual dan pelan-pelan lain anda dan yang tersayang. Pelan ini menyediakan perlindungan komprehensif untuk kedua-duanya, Peserta dan Orang Dilindungi, malah anda mempunyai fleksibiliti untuk memilih tempoh perlindungan dari 20 sehingga 30 tahun.
Manfaat Utama
  • Mula tambahkan simpanan anda

  • Nikmati Bayaran Tunai tetap sehingga 10% daripada Jumlah Asas Dilindungi. Bayaran Tunai pertama akan dibayar pada akhir tahun ke-3 sijil dan setiap tahun berikutnya.

    Akhir Tahun Sijil% Jumlah Asas Dilindungi
    4 to 143%
    15 to 244%
    25 to 305%
    Sub Jumlah113%
    Tambahan 10% menjelang tempoh matang10%
    Jumlah Keseluruhan*123%

    * Akhir Tahun Sijil yang tidak melebihi 30 tahun, jumlah Bayaran Tunai tetap yang diterima adalah kurang daripada 123%

    Semua Bayaran Tunai tetap akan secara automatik dikreditkan ke dalam akaun Tabung Haji Orang Dilindungi untuk menabung bagi tujuan menunaikan Haji atau Umrah dan pelan masa depan yang lain. Apabila mencapai tempoh matang, Bayaran Tunai tetap tambahan sebanyak 10% daripada Jumlah Asas Dilindungi akan dibayar kepada Orang Dilindungi.

  • Manfaat Matang

  • Pada akhir tempoh Takaful, nilai terkumpul dalam Dana Pelaburan Peserta (DPP), jika ada, termasuk keuntungan daripada pelaburan dana tersebut , dan lebihan Dana Risiko Peserta (DRP), jika ada, yang telah diperuntukkan akan dibayar kepada Peserta
Perlindungan Komprehensif
  • Manfaat Kematian

  • Jika Orang Dilindungi meninggal dunia akibat kemalangan atau sebab semula jadi, amaun Jumlah Dilindungi, Perbelanjaan Pengebumian sebanyak RM1,000 berserta nilai terkumpul dalam DPP, termasuk sebarang keuntungan DPP dari pelaburannya dan DRP, jika ada, akan dibayar.

  • Indemniti Berganda ke atas Kematian akibat Kemalangan

  • Kami menyediakan tambahan 100% daripada Jumlah Dilindungi yang dibayar jika Orang Dilindungi meninggal dunia sebelum umur 70, disebabkan kemalangan yang berlaku semasa mengerjakan Haji atau Umrah di Makkah atau Madinah.

  • Manfaat Hilang Upaya Menyeluruh dan Kekal (HUMK)

  • Jika Orang Dilindungi mengalami HUMK sebelum umur 65 pada hari lahir berikutnya, amaun Jumlah Dilindungi ditambah semua nilai terkumpul di dalam DPP, termasuk sebarang keuntungannya (jika ada) akan dibayar. Jika agregat Jumlah Dilindungi (bagi setiap Orang Dilindungi) ialah sehingga RM1 juta, ia akan dibayar secara sekaligus. Jika Jumlah DIlindungi melebihi RM1 juta, baki Jumlah Dilindungi akan dibayar satu (1) tahun selepas bayaran pertama dibuat, tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat-syarat yang dinyatakan di dalam Sijil Takaful.

  • Manfaat Badal Haji

  • Jika berlaku perkara yang tidak diingini iaitu kematian atau HUMK sebelum sempat menunaikan Haji, kami akan memastikan kewajipan Haji Orang Dilindungi disempurnakan dengan membayar RM3,000 kepada Peserta atau Penama untuk menunaikan Badal Haji bagi pihak anda. Manfaat ini akan ditunaikan jika Elaun Haji tidak dituntut dan Orang Dilindungi mesti berumur 16 tahun ke atas. Untuk HUMK, Orang Dilindungi tidak melebihi umur 65 tahun.

  • Elaun Haji dan Umrah*

  • Elaun sebanyak RM1,000 akan dibayar bagi mengerjakan Haji dan Umrah. Jika Orang Dilindungi mengerjakan Haji dan Umrah pada masa yang sama, hanya elaun Haji akan dibayar. Manfaat Haji dan Umrah tidak boleh dituntut dalam tahun sijil yang sama dan dengan syarat jarak 12 bulan dan tarikh tuntutan terakhir dibuat.

  • Manfaat Ihsar*

  • Apabila Orang Dilindungi dalam keadaan berihram dan terhalang dari menunaikan Haji atau Umrah akibat keadaan kesihatan, Manfaat Ihsar sehingga RM1,000 sepanjang tempoh perlindungan akan dibayar untuk pembayaran balik kos penyembelihan haiwan.

  • Elaun Penjagaan Anak*

  • Apabila menunaikan Haji, Orang Dilindungi akan menikmati ketenangan minda apabila anak-anaknya terjaga. Elaun Penjagaan Anak sebanyak RM1,000 akan dibayar. Umur anak mestilah tidak melebihi 18 tahun.

    * Sijil hendaklah berkuatkuasa sekurang-kurangnya 5 tahun dan semua sumbangan telah dibayar.

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Oleh Ibrahim Yahaya

Hasrat Menteri Komunikasi dan Multimedia, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, untuk memohon kebenaran Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya (SPR) untuk menyiarkan secara langsung bagaimana proses pengundian dijalankan ketika pilihan raya boleh difahami sejajar sikapnya yang sentiasa telus dalam segala hal.

Penulis dapat merasakan apa yang ingin dilaksanakan oleh beliau sebagai Menteri Komunikasi dan Multimedia ialah kerajaan bersedia untuk menunjukkan apa yang berlaku di pusat perkiraan undi supaya rakyat boleh melihat dan memahami tanpa sebarang prasangka buruk.

Ini penting kerana ada pihak terutama pembangkang yang sering membuat dakwaan berlakunya penyelewengan di pusat perkiraan undi sedangkan mereka pun tahu mana mungkin untuk melakukan penipuan kerana wakil semua yang bertanding akan berada di dalam bilik atau dewan perkiraan itu.

Sebagai rakyat biasa, penulis juga mahu tahu apa yang berlaku di dalam bilik itu yang dikatakan dihadiri oleh semua wakil calon yang menyaksikan bagaimana sesuatu kertas undi itu dibuka dan dikira.

Penulis juga diiberitahu jika wakil calon tidak bersetuju dengan apa saja dengan kertas undi yang boleh menimbulkan syak wasangka ia akan diletakkan di kotak ragu terlebih dahulu termasuklah jika ia kotor disebabkan dakwat hitam.

Oleh itu, jika SPR membenarkan RTM merakamkan proses perkiraan itu, maka rakyat Malaysia terutama penonton RTM boleh melihat bagaimana proses itu berlaku dan mustahil untuk diselewengkan.

Malah perkiraan sedemikian sudah dilaksanakan sejak daripada dulu lagi dan calon pembangkang pun menang banyak kerusi dan pada PRU13 pun mendapat 89 kerusi Parlimen.

Alasan yang diberikan oleh SPR antara lain ialah 'jika bagi kepada RTM, kena bagi kepada semua penyiaran pula'. Ini dilontarkan sendiri oleh Pengerusi SPR yang seolah-olah lupa bahawa RTM adalah saluran rasmi kerajaan dalam menyebarkan maklumat kepada rakyat.

SPR perlulah ingat bahawa kaedah pemilihan kepada RTM ini ialah seperti memberi hak atau right kepada stesen penyiaran yang mengendalikan perlawanan bolasepak atau kejohanan olimpik. Hak yang diberikan kepada RTM sudah tentulah RTM saja yang mendapat hak untuk berbuat demikian yang secara tidak langsung membantu SPR daripada tohmahan dan fitnah pembangkang.

Bagaimanapun, RTM pasti akan sanggup berkongsi dengan saluran lain yang berminat seperti yang dilakukan dalam banyak siaran langsung yang hanya membenarkan saluran rasmi saja membuat rakaman. Semoga SPR segera memahami mengenai usaha untuk membantu mereka.


Oleh Wan Anis Ilyani (

SHAH ALAM : Bekas Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Penyiaran Datuk Ibrahim Yahaya mahu pihak pembangkang memahami fungsi dan peranan Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) sebelum menuntut ruang publisiti yang sama diberi kepada mereka.

Mengulas tuntutan pembangkang yang dikemukakan di Parlimen hari ini, Ibrahim berkata, ruang berkenaan jika diberikan tidak boleh disalahguna untuk mepertikaikan dasar-dasar kerajaan.

"Dalam menyampaikan maklumat sudah tentu tugas utama RTM berperanan menyampaikan dasar-dasar kerajaan kepada rakyat, jadi sudah tentu pelbagai program yang dibuat kerajaan perlu dimuatkan di dalam RTM.

"Sepatutnya pembangkang kena ada pendirian untuk bantu kerajaan dalam apa bentuk sekalipun demi kemakmuran negara.

"Kalau mereka ada pandangan, syor atau idea mereka boleh salur di pelbagai medium, tak semestinya melalui RTM, itu perlu diubah dan ini masanya mereka kena ubah jadi pembangkang yang baik," katanya ketika dihubungi Antarapos, di sini, hari ini.

Menurut beliau, sebelum ini, RTM pernah memberi ruang kepada pihak pembangkang untuk menyampaikan manifesto mereka menjelang Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13) yang lalu namun ia ditolak atas alasan masa yang diperuntukkan tidak mencukupi.

Publisiti terhadap pembangkang kata Ibrahim, tetap diberikan oleh RTM, malah melalui program 'Langsung Dari Parlimen' juga, pendedahan diberikan kepada mereka tanpa menapis segala ucapan atau pertanyaan semasa bersidang dan berbahas.

"Apabila kita beri ruang kepada pembangkang untuk buat pengumuman manifesto pilihanraya tapi mereka tolak dengan peruntukan yang diberi. Ini adalah isu tarik tali supaya menimbulkan persepsi bahawa RTM tak bantu mereka. Ini tak sihat.

"Setakat ini ruang kepada pembangkang dah ada, yang terbaru kita buat 'Langsung Dari Parlimen' yang mana kita selama setengah jam apa yang berlaku di parlimen,(sekaligus) tidak ada pendapat bila pembangkang cakap tak boleh siar. Mereka kena lihat secara rasional perkara ini," jelas Ibrahim lagi.

Ibrahim bagaimanapun menyambut baik permintaan pembangkang untuk diberi peluang sama rata di RTM, meskipun sebelum ini stesen televisyen milik kerajaan pernah digelar oleh pemimpin pembangkang sebagai tidak bermutu malah pernah disaran supaya  dipulaukan.

Beliau juga meminta agar pembangkang mengubah persepsi terhadap pemimpin kerajaan supaya tidak dikaitkan dengan parti, agar urusan pentadbiran berjalan dengan lancar tanpa sebarang tanggapan negatif.

"Mereka kadang-kadang melihat pemimpin kerajaan sebagai pemimpin parti. Contohnya Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sebagai PM kita, tetapi mereka adakalanya melihat PM sebagai Presiden Umno.

"Inilah persepsi dan sikap yang mereka kena ubah di kalangan pembangkang terutama pemimpin dan pengikut supaya melihat  apa yang disiar di RTM sebagai satu wadah kepemimpinan negara," katanya.

Hari ini, pembangkang mendesak kerajaan memberikan ruang publisiti yang sama kepada mereka untuk muncul di Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) agar rakyat turut sama menerima maklumat tepat daripada sumber yang sah.

Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai, N Surendran berkata isu publisiti di media milik negara ini perlu diselesaikan segera memandangkan RTM adalah medium utama rakyat mendapatkan maklumat semasa.

Dakwanya, RTM bersifat bebas dan tidak boleh bertindak 'berat sebelah' atau memihak kepada mana-mana pihak yang mengelirukan (misleading).

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Oleh A Kadir Jasin (

SEHINGGA saat ini, dasarnya adalah Lembaga Tabung Haji hanya memberi kenyataan kepada media arus perdana.”

Demikian jawapan seorang petugas bahagian perhubungan awam LTH kepada pertanyaan yang saya kemukakan melalui wartawan majalahMalaysian Business.

Maksudnya, LTH tidak melayan isu dan persoalan yang dibincangkan dalam media baru dan alternatif, termasuk blog.

Saya meminta wartawan saya menghubungi LTH kerana setelah menyiarkan komen pembahas bagi tampalan bertajuk “Lima Puluh Tahun Tabung Haji”(baca di sini), saya mendapati beberapa daripadanya memerlukan reaksi LTH.

Tetapi sahlah sekarang yang LTH tidak mempunyai dasar untuk berkomunikasi dengan media baru dan alternatif. Namun kita janganlah putus asa kerana adalah kewajipan kita meneliti perjalanan LTH dan menegur di mana patut.

Mereka tidak peduli tidak mengapa kerana seperti kata nenek moyang kita, ada ubi ada batas, ada hari boleh balas. Hari “pembalasan” bagi pemerintah di Malaysia datang setiap lima tahun sekali.

Saya mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pegawai LTH itu kerana menjawab e-mel Malaysian Business, tetapi mempertikaikan kebijaksanaan LTH hanya berkomunikasi dengan media arus perdana sahaja.

Saya tidak berani mengatakan yang LTH tidak sedar bahawa kebanyakan debat dan analisis kritikal yang berlaku hari ini mengambil tempat dalam media baru dan alternatif.


(Renungan Rimau : TH sudah terpengaruh dengan propanganda pembangkang yang menyatakan MEDIA ARUS PERDANA ialah 4 akhbar iaitu Utusan, BH, NST dan The Star. sebenarnya semua akhbar dan media sosial adalah media arus perdana sekarang kerana semua orang boleh baca.)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin penulis blog zamkata telah meminta maaf kepada AirAsia berikutan dengan sebuah rencananya yang memberikan implikasi seolah seolah babi dihidangkan dalam penerbangan AirAsia dan Air Asia X.

Setelah penjelasan dari AirAsia, beliau yakin bahawa syarikat penerbangan itu adalah prihatin terhadap senstiviti keugamaan kesemua penumpang mereka.Dibawah ini  adalah permohonan maaf darinya.


Saya tidak menyedari bahawa pekara- pekara yang tesiar dalam artikel di bawah tajuk " Hidangan Babi Dalam Penerbangan Air Asia, Orang Islam Patut Tangguhkan Dulu Terbang dengan Pesawat ini"(artikel tersebut) dalam blog zamkata memberikan implikasi buruk kepada nama baik AirAsia dan AirAsiaX.

Bagaimanapun setelah menerima surat tuntutan dari Peguambela dam Peguamcara AirAsia Berhad kira -kira sebulan dari tarikh penyiarannya,maka barulah saya menyedari bahawa artikel tersebut memberikan implikasi atau gambaran,seolah-olah babi dihidangkan dalam penerbangan-penerbangan AirAsia dan AirAsia X. Ini adalah tidak benar samasekali.

Saya mohon maaf kepada AirAsia Berhad diatas sebarang kecederaan yang menimpa mereka kerana artikel tersebut, dan saya berharap orang ramai tidak mempunyai sebarang pransangka bahawa babi ada dihidangkan dalam masa mana penerbangan AirAsia dan AirAisa X.

Saya yakin dan percaya bahawa AirAsia  dan AirAsia X adalah sangat prihatin terhadap sensitiviti keugamaan kesemua penumpang mereka.

Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Oleh Yazid Othman

Saya pasti rakyat Malaysia yang menonton siaran langsung dari Parlimen terbitan RTM setiap pagi dan siaran ulangannya dimalam hari berkenaan, (sewaktu persidangan parlimen berlangsung), menjadi hampa kerana persembahan yang tawar hambar tanpa kualiti.

Hal ini disebabkan sikap pihak pembangkang yang berfungsi semacam perlawanan badminton/bulu tangkis yang mempastikan setiap hantaran pihak lawan mesti ditangkis dan dipukul kembali ke gelanggang pihak lawan.

Sedangkan apa yang kita semua faham sbelum ini, bahawa apabila sebarang pernyataan atau keterangan atau jawapan dari menteri-menteri yang berkenaan dengan isu yang dibangkitkan, pihak pembangkang akan memberikan respon atau reaksi yang positif demi menambahbaikan sesuatu isu itu untuk kepentingan rakyat dan negara ini, dengan fakta-fakta yang meyakinkan.

Sebaliknya, apa yang terjadi, sebaik saja pihak Kerajaan memberikan jawapan terhadap soalan-soalan bertulis atau soalan-soalan tambahan dari ahli-ahli parlimen, pihak pembangkang akan bangun menyelar kerajaan dengan menggunakan bahasa yang kesat, yang tidak sesuai diucapkan oleh orang dewasa.

Saya cepat2 alihkan saluran tv dirumah kami bila anak2 kami keluar dari bilik mereka utuk menyertai kami menonton tv di ruang rehat...saya takut anak2 saya berkata, "oh ini kah pa cara orang berbahas di parlimen tu.." Saya merasa amat malu negara kita yang sebaik ini, mempunyai pembangkang sperti yang ada sekarang ini, semacam orang yang tidak berpelajaran dan bertamadun bercakap.

Tiga hari yang lalu, ketika Timbalan Perdana Menteri merangkap Menteri Pelajaran, Tan Sri Mohyiddin Yassin sedang memberikan jawapan mengenai soalan yang dikemukakan berapa ramaikah pelajar keturunan India diberi tempat di pusat pengajian tinggi awam, dimana beliau memberikan fakta, bahawa pelajar India diterima memasuki universiti awam mengikut qota yang dipersetujui walaupun ramai mereka tidak layak kerana pencapaian akademik mereka rendah...tiba-tiba beliau dijeritkan dengan lantang perkataan "penipu !..penipu !. berikan nama mereka sekarang" oleh ahli parlimen DAP keturunan India..dan terus melaungkan perkataan itu walaupun diminta ditarik balek oleh Yang Dipertua Dewan Rakyat Tan Sri Pendekar Amin Mulia.

Saya nampak Timbalan Perdana Menteri agak tersentak dengan perkataan yang amat kasar itu...tetapi kembali tersenyum apabila menyedari bahawa itulah cara pembangkang berbahas di parlimen !

Saya terfikir, alangkah baiknya, para ahli parlimen pembangkang membuat 'homework' mencari fakta-fakta kajian yang mendalam bagi setiap isu yang hendak ditimbulkan, untuk dikemukannya di parlimen semasa bersidang, demi kebaikan pengundi yang memilih mereka, serta negara ini amnya. Buktikanlah bahawa anda tidak disalah pilih oleh pengundi anda ! 

Satu hal lagi, saya mendengar sungguh sumbang bahasa Malaysia yang dituturkan dengan pelat dailek cina yang sukar difahami, seolah-olah dia 
ini bukan seorang Warganegara Malaysia...padahal parti DAP kira-kira lebih 10 tahun dulu membuat syarat kepada mana-mana kaum cina yang mahu menjadi calon DAP dalam pilihanraya mestilah fasih berbahasa Malaysia.

Keadaan2 ini menjadikan sidang parlimen tawar hamabar...lebih-lebih lagi bila ketua pembangkang sendiri, setiap kali beliau bangun berdiri, tentulah kata-kata kesat memaki hamun pihak Kerajaan, semacam api keluar dari mulut naga dari kesah dingeng orang2 China. 

Kritikan 'hentam kromo' ini juga tidak terkecuali kepada Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng dan beberapa pebangkang Pas seperti Mahfuz Omar dll menjadi 'nasi tambah' kepada ahli2 DAP dan PKR yang lebih berupa pengacau parlimen dari Ahli Parlimen Yang Berhormat dan Mulia...alahai pembangkang salah strategi tu...!

(renungan rimau : dah lama dah tahu mangkuk hayun yang suka buat kacau)