Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Tahniah kepada Datuk Azman Ujang dan Sdr Yong dengan perlantikan mereka.

berita daripada blog rockybru's.

-Bernama Editor-in-Chief Azman Ujang will be the
GM of the national news agency from March 1.

Veteran journalist Yong Soo Heong will take over
the hot seat of Editor-in-Chief.

Sudah pasti mereka akan dapat memberikan sumbangan terbaik.


Kak Teh said...

Tiger, welcome to blogosphere!

X-Matters said...

Dato' Tiger
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Blogging. You don't know me by my blog but we've known each other since the mid-80s. I said hi to you at Ms Read's Delicious sometime back. You were there with the advertising head honcho friend.

Rasidin said...

peh tiger....

love your tagline on masthead.
how tru...

dari perantau...


apa khabar Tiger,

selamat datang,selamat menghiburkan kita, selamat berjuang.


corporate mum said...

way to go tiger. i have always believed in you.

ibrahim yahaya said...

kak teh, thank you. miss u, wan and london. only able to hear your soothing voice on rtm. read your blog. very interesting and educative.

x-matters, i think i know who u are. menjelmalah....nevertheless if by being visible u cannot cari makan, please stay invisible.

rasidin, thank you. like i said believe in yourself.

nuraina, khabar baik dan saya akan terus menghiburkan pembaca.

corporate mum, thank you for your support. your corporate world pieces in your blog is quite an eye opener.

zewt said...

hiburan? is that what this blog is all about? hiburan? hmmmmm.....

HeadLiner said...

Hey ex-boss !

Nice to know I can "find" you after our days at the tv station.

More power to you !

Sri Diah said...

Hello Bro Tiger;
Salam and more power to you!

ibrahim yahaya said...

bukan semua hiburan. nuraina kata "selamat menghiburkan kita", jadi saya jawab oklah..saya akan cuba menghiburkan...macam penglipura dulu-dulu

dah jumpa dah..apa lagi...bangsar..kata mana ...jam berapa.

sri diah,
salam kembali. tq for the power.