Saturday, May 7, 2011


The 91st Administrative Council of the ABU, which met in Bangkok this week, approved the strategy of the Union for the next six years in the form of short-term, mid-term and long-term action plans.

Although the implementation of the action plans officially begins in January 2012, a lot of activities like improving members' involvement in the Union, increasing membership, diversifying activities, broadening  partnerships and rationalising the Secretariat's operational costs, have already started to show results.

Another key decision taken by the Administrative Council was to introduce key performance indicators to measure the progress of the plans' implementation.

The 23 councilors supported the Planning and Strategy Group's proposal to introduce a new ABU organisational chart in order to facilitate the implementation of  the new Union strategy in more efficient way.

The Administrative Council Meeting also approved eight membership applications, bringing the number of the ABU members to 214 members.

The councilors approved plans for the ABU Radio Song Festival, ABU ASEAN TV Song Festival and Asia-Pacific TV Programme Market. These initiatives are considered as groundbreaking activities, which will increase the profile and visibility of the Union.

The Administrative Council's decisions give the Secretariat a clear mandate  to push ahead with transforming the Union and transforming it into a forward-looking, member- and service -oriented organisation to offer its  members activities which are relevant to their own aims and aspirations.

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