Friday, February 24, 2012


By Bujai

Those who used to worship the Communist Party of Malaya (PKM) and politicians who attributed our Independence to their struggle, read this.

Dato' Kanang anak Langkau, the hero who dedicated 21 years of his life for some famous battles against the insurgents, including Konfrontasi (1962-1966) and the Second Malaysian Emergency (1968-1983) has volunteered to speak the truth about who and what PKM was all about.

I strongly recommend Mat Sabu and his friends to attend the talks and debate with Kanang.

Fully-organised by the Ministery of Information, Communication and Culture, the Colloquium on Malaysian History will also feature former IGP Tun Hanif Omar. Others are Dato' Ramlah Adam, Dato' Seri J. J. Raj and Dr Leon Comber.

Let's listen to Kanang and the other speakers this Saturday, Feb 25 from 9am to 5pm at the Experimental Theater, University Malaya.

If you still believe that PKM played a role in our Independence, please produce your facts and stand by it, if you can. You may enter a debate with them if u like.

I will be there.

It would be interesting to have people like Mat Sabu and his PKM sympathizers at the function. Whether they are pro-government or not, let's put politics aside as among the objectives of the colloquium is to provide a better insight of the PKM and why we didn't recognise their struggle.

To KPKK, its a good effort. I hope it doesn't stop just there. We need to clear the air before our present and future generation are given the wrong impression about PKM and our Independence.

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Anonymous said...

salam datuk,

rakyat, khasnya generasi sekarang dan akan datang perlu mengetahui sejarah sebenar negara dan latar belakang yang membawa kepada kemerdekaannya.

keganasan komunis juga perlu diberi penjelasan agar anak bangsa kita tidak dijerat oleh pihak tertentu yang menggunakan isu ini untuk kepentingan politik peribadi mereka.