Friday, August 3, 2007


One morning..while driving along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Iyra : (Looking at a few new buildings at KL Sentral)
Daddy : (While concentrating on the road, once a while glancing at Iyra).
Iyra : Daddy, who build this buildings?
Daddy : Contractor..the contractors
Iyra : Contractor aah (puzzled)
Daddy : Ya..contractor and the developer.
Iyra : Not...not the pembangunan ka???
Daddy : Pembangunan??.do you mean development?
Iyra : that...bapa..bapa
Daddy : Ooo...bapa pembangunan...Dr Mahathir?
Iyra : Ya..ya...dr mahathir..bapa pembangunan
Daddy : Dr mahathir is bapa pembangunan...but he is not the one who builds those bangunan or buildings.
Iyra : Oooo..(still looking at the buildings near MidValley)(Thinking)..Daddy why we have to build so many buildings?
Daddy : Many complexes..
Iyra : RTM, which you work last time it a serious building?
Daddy : What do you mean serious building
Iyra : it important?
Daddy : Of course...very...very important
Iyra : (Puzzled face. Silent all the way)
Daddy : (Continue driving).

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