Tuesday, June 19, 2007



(saya berehat seketika untuk menenangkan fikiran)


Anonymous said...

but y................mrk gagal atas alasan apa tak adil nyaaaaaa ksian mrk..afte all the efforts..what a ruthless thing to do...pity them..at least give them a chance...my god what an insult..

ibrahim yahaya said...

Sdr yang dimuliakan,

Semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.

Manusia sering terlupa bahawa ada kuasa yang lebih besar daripada mereka.

Allah SWT sentiasa menjaga kepentingan hambanya.

Allah SWT juga tidak pernah menganiayai hambanya. Yakinlah.

ahm said...

what would happen to the hang nadim's business now, can they convert their direction to other areas, ie kleemann-free auto accesories or simply becomes a car dealer.

in this case braboos has it's edge. braboos comes with better packages, it is much of engine retuner rather dan parts tuner only as compared to kleemann. and what is much important is that mr bodo braboos come with mr naza who came with "someone", while hang nadim is all alone brother... plus, kleemann had once insulted the "someone". that's life in malaysia, we have to live with it.

ibrahim yahaya said...

Sdr Ahm,

I know that they are not giving up and will never give up. They are trying other ways and means to prove that their ideas are workable. Their "semangat" is amazing unlike some of our leaders.

Many of their friends including politician advised them to start somewhere, maybe in Indonesia if the Malaysian government rejects their R&D AP application. If this happens, what a pity. A great lost to the nation. Very sad, killing the spirit of MALAYSIA BOLEH.

I wish the Hang Nadims were given a chance to tell their story to the power that be so that a true picture of what they want to do is presented fairly.

Please someone tell that "someone" to stop all this "rubbish" which will kill more future Hang Nadims. Please avoid giving incorrect informations to our leaders.

Someone should explain and be more transparent on the reason why the application was not accepted. Or tell the Hang Nadims where they might have gone wrong.