Friday, October 26, 2007


Good morning everybody, first of all, Id like on the behalf of KAP and Kleemann Denmark to extend our warmest welcome to all of you which have taken this opportunity to be here today to start this historical day together with us,

Historical day why? , Kleemann has already more than 120 dealers around the globe and in order for us to be closer to the dealer and the end-user we have decided to set up few but large semi HQ.

The first one was Kleemann USA, located in Denver –Colorado and responsible for both south and North America, with this strategy

- We are closer to the dealer
- To the end user
- We have nearly no time zone different and
- speak same language
- Short delivery time
- And nearly same mentality

So all in one this has been a great success from the beginning 3 years back. Today USA is our biggest marked world wide.

The last years increase in the Asia Pacific region has shown that its time to do the same in Asia by setting up a semi HQ for the whole Asia Pacific region.

The Asia Pacific HQ set up should go even further. As the competitions for products supply is getting even stronger from Asia countries compare to Europe, Kleemann have to look for production facilities out side Europe and want to combine the Asia Pacific set up with the potential to take care of the Kleemann production for selected parts and technology locally in the region.

The reason why Kleemann choose Malaysia to be the next semi HQ was simply because Malaysia had all what we looked for, they had:

- Western orientated understanding
- Positive Government program for foreigner companies
- Local car production include a net of sub suppliers for the automotive industry
- Location in the Asia Pacific region was perfect

So the biggest challenge for us was to locate the best partner to take care and bring Kleemann brand out in whole Asia Pacific region.

It was not easy we have had many companies true the negotiations and no matter how much we plan in advance we could not be sure that we would make the right decisions.

Finally we decided to make a J/V company with the chosen party which gives both party the best options from both side,

- commitment
- back up
- 110% support
- Involvement
- Tied up strategy plan
- Ect, ect

With this in mind we trust that the new Kleemann Asia pacific HQ will be able to set new standards for kleemann branding in the very near future and we from Kleemann Denmark have total confident with the TEAM behind the daily operation here in Malaysia.

Some of you might know, Kleemann is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of exclusive performance solutions for Mercedes-Benz cars. What Kleemann can offer is to transform your Mercedes-Benz into your personalized dream car with careful detailing, paying strict attention to your specific requests. (Same as house story)

KLEEMANN have 2 major corner stones, TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN and it’s from these platforms that we create the direction for the future.

Kleemann are the absolute leading company world wide when we talk about compressor technology and we intent to stay that way.

Our Danish way to see design is also our strength, where the motto is LESS IS MORE , The Danish design industry are already famous all over the world, B&O, furniture ect and our Kleemann design has already been approved by costumers all around Globe and we have no intention to stop there,

We from Kleemann want to bring this even further. We are considering to offer our DESIGN and Technology to other manufactures as we have serval request. That’s way it’s important for us to give you a short view in the way we do our design and the philosophy behind.

Our Head of Design, Mr. Christian Brandt will shortly brief you.

It is therefore a pleasure for Kleemann today to show you as the first media our latest design concept
The Kleemann GTK, which will be released to the rest of the world shortly after this launch have taken place.

That’s all for me, thank you for your attention.

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