Friday, October 26, 2007


(Khairul, KLEEMANN E55 and Soren. Pix by IY.)

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA 26 October 2007 – KLEEMANN A/S, the exclusive performance solutions company for Mercedes Benz has established a joint venture company with a local team in Malaysia as a regional hub for the Asian market. The launching ceremony was held at Top Hat Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, which was officiated by the President of KLEEMANN A/S, Mr. Soren Jess.

The launching was in line with the objective to introduce KLEEMANN to the media and the Asia Pacific region, with the introduction of Datuk Subhi Dziyauddin, as the Chairman; En. Khairul Anuar Abdul Rahman, as the Executive Director and En. Mohd Azad Jasmi as the Managing Director. Also introduced were Rene Birkeholm, the “Flying Doctor” or the Chief Technician; Christian Brandt, the Chief Designer and Gary Finney, the International Head of Sales.

The event was held in two sessions. The morning session was catered for the media, whereas the afternoon session was for exclusive guests, business associates, prospective clients, respected members of the automotive industry and current Mercedes Benz owners. Clients got the experience of the KLEEMANN cars and first hand technical knowledge form KLEEMANN A/S.

KLEEMANN Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd is a global partner to KLEEMANN A/S in establishing a regional automotive hub specializing in the development and manufacture of exclusive performance solutions for Mercedes Benz. KLEEMANN Asia Pacific’s role is to offer a wide range of services emphasizing on skills and the transfer of technology from KLEEMANN A/S.

KLEEMANN Asia Pacific previewed one of the 15 cars available worldwide, the phenomenal E 55 and the mighty ML 50. Another surprise element of the event was the highlight in unveiling the plans for the Semi-Super Car with the official photo and specifications of the car.

KLEEMANN via KLEEMANN Asia Pacific are considering the technology transfer exercise, and with the highly engineered KLEEMANN components, parts and upgraded kits which could be manufactured and assembled in Malaysia. This is also to support the National Automotive Policy where there is need to promote a competitive and viable automotive sector.

With the transfer of technology from KLEEMANN A/S via high quality standards of professional engineering, KLEEMANN Asia Pacific will receive the utmost support from KLEEMANN A/S and thus, the local capabilities in the automotive sector will be improved through its export to the Asia Pacific region and worldwide.

Especially for the launch as well, the Chief Technician will be here in Malaysia for two weeks for consultation. Currently the service centre is operational in Ampang.

The two cars on display; the E 55 and ML 50 are both fully built up KLEEMANN models and ready for orders along with other models in the KLEEMANN complete car line up.

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