Thursday, March 15, 2007


Mengapa kebelakangan ini ramai ibu bapa yang marah-marah dengan program PLKN? Tatkala ramai menyatakan PLKN ini amat berfaedah untuk mendidik generasi akan datang, ada juga yang tidak bersetuju dengan program itu. Mengapa mereka menjadi marah? Ada yang menuduh program itu hanya memperkayakan individu tertentu. Adakah mereka sebenarnya tidak faham atau mengeluarkan hujah berdasarkan hearsay saja? Apa tujuan rasa tidak puas hati ini diutarakan oleh sesetengah pihak?


Who really benefit from NS? Our kids?
Victor See
Mar 14, 07 5:53pm

I wish to support Muzammil Daud (You ain’t gonna take my little girl) and PT Tan (Perhaps parents should boycott NS) to seek the government's ears to revisit how the National Service should be carried out. Yes, not all can endure this type of training, that is why NS is not compulsory for girls in many countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, etc. Girls joined voluntary.
My question is: what is the objective of such training? The whole concept is neither here nor there. Is there a need for them to defend our country? If it is solely for the defence of the country, three months is of course not sufficient. Moreover, the training curriculum is not designed for such a purpose. Most countries that embark in NS programme have it solely for the defence of the country because of their low population and as such they cannot depend solely on their regular/professional soldiers. The duration for such training requires a minimum of two years, followed by enlisting them in reserve units ready to defend the country when threaten. The reason for NS in Malaysia is for racial integration. I personally think that there are much better ways to do this. The most important, of course, is to re-look at our education system. Racial integration has already been destroyed by our education system. The quotas for getting into universities, special preferences for loans, etc, are designed for a certain race - all these my children have fully understood.

You ain’t gonna take my little girl
Muzammil Daud
Mar 13, 07 5:47pm

I fully agree with PT Tan (Perhaps parents should boycott NS). I too will be reluctant to release my daughter if she were called for National Service training (And she is only 3.5 years old now and I am already worried... yes, I am! Very worried!).
I just want to ask the government one simple question: Why does NS trainees have to go through army-style training? It is a difficult training in which not all people can go through, let alone a ‘soft’ girl who may never do any push-ups at home (And looking at how my 3.5 years old daughter behave, I think she will fall into the soft type who may not be well suited with the army-style NS training). If government want to continue with the programme, I want it changed to suit all kids, not just the tough ones. I do hope this will be solved before my 3.5 years old daughter is up for the training in the next 15 years. Please dear government. I only have one daughter. I beg you...

Perhaps parents should boycott NS
PT Tan
Mar 12, 07 1:21pm

From what that is gathered, the National Service programme is no more than a Scout camp of yesteryears, except that this time it is funded with mega-bucks and fueled by wrong intents. While we scrimped and saved to attend the Scout camps when we were kids, we were well trained by seniors who loved the game, as it is called. The seniors imparted all they knew with care and concern, even while they ragged. Safety was never compromised. Parents came and participated in the camps, day and night. We grew up with such a close bond that after 30 years, we all still get together and laugh over jokes without a hint of racial segregation or malicious intent. In comparison, today’s NS training makes the trainees go through the same routine with ‘torture’, trying to instill discipline through fear and punishment. Making a girl do pushups when she does not have the arm strength is tantamount to torture. The poor girl will use her backbone is a ‘S’ curving motion that will ultimately snap the spinal cord when one too many pushup is done. A fit person can do 100 pushups without effort, but a ‘soft’ person will snap after 10 or even five.

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