Monday, November 17, 2008


Chris Chong Chan-fui membanggakan Malaysia.

Filem beliau BLOCK B menang Hadiah Filem Pendek Antarabangsa di Festival Filem Antarabangsa Mar del Plata, Argentina.



Desperado said...

Tahniah diucapkan!

terubuk jantan said...

Salam dato,
Sy sdg menonton kathy ibrahim di dewan filharmonik klcc.kathy is superstar.memukau.

naktanya said...

saya terbaca artikel ini

How bad is the economy right now? Most spoken to, said that we have to be prepared for the worst next year. Almost everyone can’t run away from it including those in the entertainment industry including film and tv, except maybe those working with the government, I guess.
Recently, I had a long chat with a very experienced producer. She basically dabbles in all sort of productions be it tv or film. What we're (the tv and film industry) experiencing is kinda 50/50. Some producers will say time is good and some might say otherwise.
Things are a bit topsy turvy at the moment. RTM got their funds from the 'gomen'. So, are there gonna be lotsa money from the 'gomen' for RTM next year? Media Prima depends a lot on advertisers. Are these advertisers cutting down on their A&P budget next year? What about ASTRO? They depends on people like us. Are we gonna cancel our subscription when times are bad? Anyway, there are lotsa uncertainties running around. And currently the worst affected are those production houses who depends a lot on producing TV Commercials.
But first lets talk about life behind your tv sets! You see, last year (or is it the year before? Whatever lah) RTM decided to put into practice the tender process in awarding tv slots to production houses. Before this, there wasn’t such thing as tender or even ‘tender loving care’ from them. Hours were given thru…. Ermmm… I can’t actually remember tv slots were given out. Well, in a nutshell, those days you submit proposals, and they’ll ask you to do it if they like it. Once they gave bulks of hours to consortiums. The conclusion was, all these didn’t work, and so….they introduced the tender exercise.

Just like any other construction contractor, production houses were divided into a few classes based on a few criteria such as years of experience, paid up capital, facilities blab la bla. RTM gave a briefing to these registered production houses turned contractors. In the briefing they explained how the process of submitting proposals and applying for tv hours should be. One of the pre-requisite was to submit completed scripts for the proposed tv programs or drama.

See….to have a complete script, you need to do research. In order to do research, you need to go to the field. Go to the library. Go to the kandang kambing if you wanna do a program on how to pelihara kambing. Go to penang and have all the Nasi Kandar you need if you wann do something about Nasi Kandar. Basically you can’t write from your bedroom unless you're writing a drama series on 'Kambing that loves Nasi Kandar'. All these moving or running or 'kambing-ing' or ‘mamak-ing’ around need MONEY. You think the producers gonna spend money on something uncertain or not guaranteed like a tender exercise? You wish... Most of them didn’t spend anything, some paid a token of RM100 or Rm200 to the writer. Let me tell you something. No experienced writer would take it. Those experienced writers who took it maybe have too much money and doing charity work for the production house or they really need the money, “RM50 pun OK lah”. Some production houses submitted sub-standard scripts written by inexperienced writers. Some of these writers are film students who don’t mind extra pocket money for their pre-paids.

From this tender exercise, RTM put themselves in a very difficult situation. They received tones of scripts for every single program that was put on tender. They have to sit through every single script. “You asked for scripts, we give you scripts lah. Now go through it sampai muntah”. Lets do some maths. The station requires a “30 minutes Chinese cooking program for 13 episodes”. Lets say the tender for this program was put under Class C, where the majority of the production houses are classified. Again, lets imagine 20 production houses applied and submitted complete scripts for 13 episodes. On average a 30 minutes script goes for around 14 pages. That’s 182 pages of proposed scripts for a “13 episodes, 30 minutes Chinese cooking program”. And you multiply it by 20 (production houses that’s going for that slot). I’m not sure how many programs that was put on tender. It might be more than 100 or maybe slightly less than 100. But then again that’s a huge amount of paper wasted!

What’s funny, there are production houses who still managed to circum-navigate this tender exercise. They got slots through back door. I didn’t see any requirement for special Raya, Deepavali or Hari Mamak Sedunia programs that were put on tender. So how did they get the job producing these ‘specials’? Someone might have gotten some ‘special’ treatment here.

RTM have panels that will do QC for all completed program before they put it on air. From my experience, they love writing letters! They will send you letters asking you to make changes here and there. These changes most of the time are ridiculous and it felt like you’re producing programs in the 70s. Sometimes I have to climb up Angkasapuri and discuss with them personally. “What’s wrong with this? What’s wrong with that?” I remember once I got a lecture from one of the Kakak there or should I say Makcik from the 70s. “Split screen tak boleh dik.Nanti gambar dalam split screen tu jadi lagi kecik. Kat kampong tv diorang 14 inci lagi dik. Tak nampak pulak makcik-makcik kat kampong tu” I bet their children 'pun tak tengok RTM'. And most of the time, those who OK-ed your program at proposal stages and those who QC-ed your finished product are 2 different sets of people. There are instances like “Kalau dah tak boleh buat camni, apasal bagi kebenaran untuk kitorang proceed buat program ni? Semua dah siap. Tak kan nak re-shoot balik kot? Karang bila dah siap, orang lain pulak yang QC dan dia cakap benda lain pulak. Susah lah macam ni!”

Anyway, despite all these kelam kabut, RTM is still the best paymaster in terms of budget given and the most difficult station to deal with when you submit your finished product. I got lotsa horror stories to tell but at the same time thankful to them. Without them the tv and broadcasting industry is history! Some might ask “what about Media Prima?” Well, they’re the biggest Pontianak penghisap darah, slowly killing the industry. That I will tell next time.
*Cerita ini adalah rekaan semata-mata. Tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau pun yang mati.


any comment datuk?



tahniah kepada yang menang2 ni..mudah2an dengan kemenangan yang kita kecapi setiap hari dapatlah kita menghasilkan yang baik2 belaka dalam apa jua bidang yee..

rayliew said...

Tahniah! Teruskan untuk mencapai kejayaan yang lebih cemerlang lagi..kejayaan ini perlu dipertahankan dan sipertingkatkan lagi..